Thursday, April 02, 2009

Wardrobe Essentials

I was recently asked by Mary Marino, creator of The FLASHionista Report what essential pieces I would buy if I were starting with an empty closet. Personally, for me, it would include a lot of Spanx to keep my bum looking round and high. Once that was taken care of, I'd add the following "must haves":

  1. First and foremost...establish a good foundation. A bra that keeps the girls up where they should be is A MUST. Where should they sit? Between your elbow and armpits (closer to armpits) is best. If your breasts are down near your elbows, no top or jacket will lay right and you'll look heavier than you really are.

  2. A chic black trouser in a three season fabric.

  3. A charcoal gray pinstripe trouser.

  4. A pair of tailored jeans to be dressed up and worn with heels.

  5. A pair of casual jeans to wear with flats or European tennis shoes.

  6. Two crisp white button down shirts.

  7. A tote bag in a neutral color.

  8. A clutch purse in a neutral color.

  9. One pair each of black, brown and camel dress pumps (I prefer at least a 3 inch heel as it lifts the behind. Yes, I'm all about the behind.)

  10. A trench coat.

  11. Two great blazers that can be dressed up or down.

  12. A skirt suit or pant suit in black.

  13. A pair of black or dark brown knee high boots.

  14. A nice watch with a neutral band (black leather or gold/silver metal mix).

  15. A little black dress.

  16. One turtleneck, one v-neck and one cardigan sweater in cashmere or merino wool.

  17. Three blouses in sophisticated prints and colors that make your skin glow. The rule is to have three tops to wear with every bottom you own.

  18. A 3/4 length wool coat in a neutral color.

  19. A sturdy umbrella in a neutral color.

  20. Black tights.

  21. Nude fishnets.

Keep in mind, the above items are just the basics - the bare minimum. I would then add onto that with fun creative pieces that speak to my personality.

No matter what you have in your closet, my best advice is to simply LOVE it all. Don't waste your hard-earned money on "almost there's" or "good enough's" because you won't feel good in them and then you won't wear them.

Best of luck!